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What is the Voting System?

Automatic voting control and monitoring system was realized on the basis of the justified need to, by applying modern technologies, speed up and facilitate the process of conducting meetings in municipalities, at conferences and in any other place where it is necessary to perform transparent and high-quality recording of attendance, determination of quorum, monitoring of presentations, monitoring of responses, recording , voting, creation of minutes, reports...

The system is organized as a multipoint network of microprocessor-controlled devices (voting terminal) that are controlled from one place (server). All voting terminals are connected to the server via a multiplexer that, in addition to conditioning
communication lines have the role of power distribution to voting terminals. The power supply to the voting terminals (low-voltage 24 volts) is performed according to the Power Over Ethernet standard. All voting terminals are the same in terms of connection and functioning, so that any replacement, for any reason, can be easily done. In addition to power supply and communication, the multiplexer provides reception of a digitized sound signal for terminals equipped with a microphone.

 It is connected to the server via USB 2.0 interface. The server is realized as a PC on which the appropriate one is installed
operating system and application software with which the chairman controls the flow of the session. 

The use of the application is easy and intuitive (if you need to start a vote, you need to click on the VOTE button and the system automatically counts attendance, starts the vote, reads the results, displays them on the chairman's screen and the wall panel, and makes appropriate reports).

Voting terminal

VOTING TERMINAL (ZE-GT-01, ZE-GT-01M, ZE-GT-04, ZE-GT-04M) is a microprocessor-based device that provides a comfortable and intuitive interface to the expert. The terminals are connected to the central server with UTP cat5E cables using standard RJ45 connectors that ensure easy replacement of the unit in case of need. All components of the voting terminal are of industrial standard, and the production and design of the box itself is extremely robust (steel sheet 1.5 mm, plasticization, foil protection, antistatic inner layer and grounding).

On the front panel of the voting terminal there is a place to place the councilor's card, a touch screen and three voting buttons (FOR, AGAINST, ABSTAIN). Basic voting functions are performed with mechanical keys, and other system functions are selected via the touch screen. The voting terminal can be equipped with a microphone if it is necessary to implement a system that allows councilors to speak from where they are sitting, without leaving the booth (M version).

Block diagram:

Technical specifications:​

Power supply:


Card reader:





Rear Connections: