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Multilevel Acquisition System - ZE-MuLeS-01M 

Multilevel Acquisition System – ZE-MuLeS-01M is a Multi Level Acquisition System developed with the aim to
ensure the collection (acquisition) of information with strict records of the moment in time when it is
information collected. The Multi Level concept provides abstraction of the collected information and its
physical independence from the source. By applying flexible \"intelligent\" air conditioners connected in
unique multipoint network, a flexible and adaptive system for different needs was obtained. First version
of this system was used for data collection and monitoring in the raspberry processing process in the refrigerator
Laki doo, Arilje.
Block diagram of the raspberry processing monitoring system.


It is necessary to provide continuous \"real time\" data acquisition with 14 keys and six barcodes
scanners with precise time \"imprint\" for each event. Information about the status of the key i
scanned barcodes need to be delivered to the PC on which the application software is running,
which, based on the information from the scanner (S1) and the button status, generates and prints on the appropriate one
printer a self-adhesive label with information on the origin and class of the product.

After pasting the sticker on the measured and packed product (appropriate class) output scanners (S2,S3,S4,S5 and S6)
they deliver information on the finalized output unit of goods, so that the cycle of records from input to output is closed. All input devices (barcode scanners and buttons) are connected to a single multipoint
bus controlled by the ZE-AM-4 acquisition server.

Data is collected from input devices by cyclic polling of each device and accommodates the database. The application software on the PC accesses the database, reads the statuses of the input devices and, based on that, performs data processing and printing labels on the appropriate printers. All printers are accessible to the application PC via ethernet
Block diagram of data flow in a raspberry processing system.