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By applying the latest technologies, taking into account the directions of further development
information systems and with reference to the tendency of interconnection of entities (IoT)
in order to exchange information in the broadest sense, the Zof Elektro DOO team is oriented towards development
of universal solutions in the field of communication and as a result a unique device was created which
it combines solutions for all the mentioned requirements. The device is registered under the name S2S
controller (Smart To Smart), and the registered company S2S International LTD bears that name
in the USA for easier promotion and distribution of S2S solutions on the world market. The first application of S2S
the controller is located in intelligent street lighting where, along with a large number of sensors and actuators
represents a building block for smart cities of the future.


LED LIGHTING is experiencing incredible expansion thanks to lower consumption, longer lifetime of LED sources, flexibility of management and ease of parameterization. In 2015, Zof Elektro doo developed a controller for managing LED sources of both white light and RGB light sources. The complete design was done by the engineering development team of Zof Elektro doo. Led lamps with white and RGB sources were produced and delivered by the company ELIT Inox doo from Čačak. Elite has also provided a test site within one of its manufacturing facilities. The controller is controlled wirelessly, using the S2S SmartCity technological solution.