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Green Trace

Project IF ID – 50423

Recognized problem on the market

Green Trace is the effective forest management “all in one” solution, affordable to large scale of different clients. Solution will be solving the most urgent forest issues like: illegal harvesting that is growing rapidly, disease control, new plants monitoring and others. In all these goals our Green Trace solution Green Trace can play the essential role in the future development. Green Trace solves several problems for the forest owners, both private and public. Our system contains of: Tree ID, the description of the type of the tree and age, Geolocation, on which cadastral parcel tree is planted, photo of the tree, health card data, information about owner of the land etc.

Simple structure, affordable Tags are proved strong enough to endure around 20 years without major drawbacks, and will be best suited for deployment in integrated auto-ID supply chains if used as disposable components. These tags are suited for long-term marking, but application on living trees requires specific solutions to prevent damage due to stem growth. All these parameters can be different and based on customers need changed.

Our solution to the problem

Green Trace is based on monitoring of the life cycle of a tree starting from the location where it is planted, through the selection and approval for logging all the way to the cutting it into lumber at the sawmill.
Our innovative solution is developing cutting edge system with a centralized database for the monitoring and verification of forest logging in the supply chain. RFID tags will be fixed to the tree by small wooden nail (that will not harm the tree) and will provide unique tree data overview which is wirelessly transmitted between the tag and mobile phone with RF reader.

Software platform will have all necessary information about the tree which will be collected and entered, for example type of the tree, age of the tree, tree photo, Geolocation etc.

Advantages of Green Trace

Forests are not only important for regulating ecosystem, protecting biodiversity and playing integral role in the carbon cycle, they are also essential source of revenue. The economic value is very important for the countries that will be our future market, so it is necessary to further increase the control of logging, because planned logging ensures adequate replacement with new seedlings.

Target markets

  • Our first markets will be: Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Macedonia.
  • Our second market targets are: Slovenia, Bulgaria, Romania, Switzerland and Sweden.
  • B2G - State-owned forests in Serbia are managed by public enterprises like: “Uprava za Šume”, “Srbija Šume” and “Vojvodina Šume”.
    According to their calculations the 17.000 ha of forest is illegally logged in Serbia which is equivalent of 100-300 million EUR worth of damage.
    Hand shake agreement with “Srbija Šume” to pilot Green Trace on the 50ha parcel.
  • According to their calculations the 17.000 ha of forest is illegally logged in Serbia which is equivalent of 100-300 million EUR worth of damage.
  • Hand shake agreement with “Srbija Šume” to pilot Green Trace on the 50ha parcel.
  • B2B/B2C - After initial talks with several privately owned forests owners who are managing from 100 to 2000 hectares of forests, conclusion is that they are very interested in our solution because it is very efficient and inexpensive comparing to current costs they have and especially comparing to damage that they suffer each year.
  • Three of them are wiling to pilot the solution on their parcels.

Revenue Model

Our prediction is that majority of enterprises will accept our innovative solution within a year after project completion. In initial talks with the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management and Ministry of Environmental Protection, we concluded that they are interested in our solution and they will influence state-owned enterprises with law regulations to procure Green Trace and adjust their business processes to it.

We will generate revenue by allowing the enterprise utilization of Green Trace on annual basis:

  • The annual amount for one big client will be around 300.000 EUR.
  • For one private forest owner we expect revenue from 50 to 80 000 EUR per year depending on their size.

Our calculation is that our solution cost them 20-25% of their annual timber lost. Estimation of the total costs including fixed and initial costs, according to our analyses will be approximately 40% of total value of the Green Trace, so we consider this business as the one with high profit.


We will make partnerships with the companies from our region and Western Europe. Our partners would develop their businesses according to the same model as ours in their countries. The condition would be that they receive 50% of their earnings. Based on our successful partnerships in the history, this way of commercialization has proven to be very successful with systems similar as this.

Project milestones Q5-Q8

Project milestones Q1-Q4


RISK: Possible delay of the arrival of requirements due to the Covid-19 pandemic and accumulated procedures.

MITIGATION: Making planning and arrangements earlier with the experienced international suppliers.

RISK: Recognize and develop a quality tree tag which can withstand the climatic and biological wearing agents in forest for long period while maintaining stored information.

MITIGATION: With further testing and development we will recognize optimal performances and quality.

RISK: The need to increase the number of the experts on the project in order to comply with the timeline.

MITIGATION: Company will use its own funds to hire additional experts of the project

RISK: Company does not have enough marketing capacity to approach all potential clients due to the size of the market.

MITIGATION: Hiring additional marketing consultants and boosting marketing activities.

Team behind the Green Trace

Zoran Milosavljevic , BSC.E.E. – Faculty of Electrical engineering, University of Belgrade – founder and CEO of the company ZOF ELEKTRO, has 24 years of experience in hardware and software development and implementation. Has a lot of experience as a team leader for optimization of each project step and ability for fast reorganization in case of project misdirect. During his expert career he had opportunity to work on various software developments and on improvements of existing hardware systems in the areas of industrial measurements and analysis, data collection area (personalized cards) for oil refinery, electronic payments, communication technologies, voting systems etc.

Professor Predrag B. Petrovic, PhD degree in the field of digital signal processing, University of Novi Sad. Expert in the fields of: digital signal processing, microcontroller programming, power electronics, AD conversion, mathematics, and cryptology. He published more than 150 journals and conference papers, one international monograph, five university books and holds five patents. He is the member of IEEE, IEICE and MENSA. He is the Co-Founder Qvortex Technologies, and Crypto-Logica Corporation.

Vojislav Antic, PhD in Electrical Engineering, Research Assistant Professor for Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology, Institute of Nuclear Sciences “Vinca” and inventor. Eleven papers in journals of international importance (with science citation index, five as first author). Highly experienced in electronics, telecommunications and information technology.

Milan Matovic – Master degree of Mechatronics – expert in mechatronics which is interdisciplinary field of engineering science consisted of machinery, electronics and IT. Has 6 years of experience in designing and development of hardware devices, Quality management system, development of 2D and 3D simulations.

Snezana Bozovic – Master studies Industrial management, Faculty of Technical Sciences of Čačak – expert in project management with over 10 years’ experience in cooperating with various innovation centers in the field of innovation project management due financial, commercial and legal issues.